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Mediaeval experience

Celebrate and enjoy

Programme (also available in English)

5 pm
Guests arrive in the car park up above the Ehrenburg
Walk to the castle (ca. 400 m); entrance ceremony and reception of the guests
Welcome drink: mead (honey wine) and juice

5.15 pm
Entrance of the minstrels and jugglers
Welcome and invitation to a tournament of the best
Announcement of the tournament rules and start of the competition
(The guests are split into groups for the tournament by drawing lots) 

Team sports
Carpenter’s Curse (hammer-and-nails game)
The Bridge of Trial (balancing)
Contest of the Forest Folk (axe throwing)
Castrum obscurum (brief visit to the great bastion with a short quiz)

During the activities
finger food/canapés and
fresh mill bread with homemade cheese spread and seasoned dripping
are served as snacks.
A drinks service is also provided.

8.15 pm
Fanfare and invitation to join the feast in the great hall and courtyard
Award- and prize-giving ceremony

Our suggested menu
Starter (one hot and one cold soup as a flying buffet)
Spicy homemade gazpacho (cold)
Wild mushroom and herb soup (hot)

Main courses (from the grill)
Roast beef from the joint
Pork fillet with herbs
Marinated salmon fillet
Fried king prawns
Fried sausage
Marinated chicken drumsticks
Vegetable kebabs

Side dishes
Baked potatoes with a herb dip
Sweet potato mash
Couscous salad
Italian pasta salad
Potato and bacon salad
Leaf salad with a house dressing
Cabbage, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes
Fresh bread and baguette
Dips and herb butter

Dessert buffet
Homemade strawberry tiramisu
Panna cotta with raspberry purée
Fresh fruit salad
Crème brûlée
Mousse au chocolat

At various intervals
Songs and dances of the Middle Ages
Juggling, conjuring and acrobatics
Table formalities and courtly dance

10 pm
Adventurous night-time trip up to the Ehrenburg’s great bastion by torchlight

10.30 pm
Fire show on the bastion
Ceremonial drink on the great bastion
Send-off and departure of the guests


In the summer (May to October) our castle hotel has 55–60 beds (including accommodation in our mediaeval tent). Should you require more accommodation for your event, we would be happy to put you in touch with our partner hotels in the region, such as Moselhotel Peifer in Brodenbach or Bellevue Rheinhotel in Boppard.