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Historical gems

Come in, stay awhile – and enjoy!

Ehrenburg Culture Nights

Classic literature, ancient and contemporary music, drama and cabaret are regularly staged at our Culture Nights in the unique setting of the Ehrenburg.

Our great hall, vaults and bastion tower, courtyard, breach and towers set the stage for the legend of the Nibelungen in front of the fire in the guardroom; for the dulcet tones of a Celtic harp being plucked out on the moonlit rocky spur; for the Erlking seated atop his horse in the arch of the castle gate ... And what better place than our wine cellar lit by candlelight for a rendering of Edgar Allan Poe?

This year, too, our creative team caters for the more sophisticated audience with its programme of absolutely top-class performances.

Tickets cost €12 (concessions: €10). Visitors can savour various delicacies from the castle kitchen in the interval.